Kelly Nederlof


NS International Wakker & Weg Wekker



Advertising agency N=5 (award winning and awe inspiring) approached me to work with them on a case for Dutch railway operator NS International.

To promote their high-speed service from Amsterdam to Berlin, N=5’s creative team Koen and Bas Janssen came up with the ‘Wakker & Weg Wekker’ campaign. An online application and interactive website, made to win a city trip for two to Berlin by train. Only thing: the departure time of the train at 5.02 o’clock in the morning. Early birds could enter a phone number to make a chance on winning a trip with NS International… with the risk of  being called in the middle of the night to grab a suitcase and go.

I altered different Berlin souvenirs – straight out of the German capital – like the analog clock and mug, to make them suitable for the ‘Wakker & Weg’ concept and composed multiple still life images for the different platforms of the campaign.